In tribute to tradition, the staff and the friends of Granite Strzegom- the biggest granite mine in the European Union - celebrated another year of its activity.

The Personal correspondence of Janusz Pilszak in Wrocław.

The first mentions about the granite exploitation in the area of Strzegom, come from 1689. There was a wider development of mining in the nineteenth century. The first quarry no. 22,  today popularly called "Barcz" - from the name of the family Bartsch- German manufacturer, was launched in1826 .

“The tradition of our company date back to 187 years ago, when the first quarry was started in the Strzegom area” - reminded Janusz Wojcik, the CEO of Granite Mine Strzegom SA, opening the Silesian mining celebration feast called “Barbórka”.
After that, Janusz Wojcik, stressed the importance of company for the region: " Every day we continue working with sacrifice and our job is so important for the development of the company, region and also provides stable employment to the workers". President Janusz Wojcik also reminded a several modernizations executed in mine of Granite Strzegom SA in the past few years. The company has modernized machine park and Cleaved Elements Branch, equipping it with modern devices for the production of granite blocks and stone brick and equipment fot the production of panels and kerbstones.

"I wish the Management Board and the staff all the best and a lot of success in the coming years."
Oficjalnie obchody górniczego święta zakończyła biesiada barbórkowa odbywająca się przy akompaniamencie "Kabaretu Jestem" oraz Orkiestry Dętej KWK "Bolesław Śmiały"

The official celebration was ended by the feast with the participation of stand-up comedy “Jestem” and the wind instruments orchestra of the mine “Bolesław Śmiały”.


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